Corenna Creations

Corenna Creations has always been a hobby of mine. I enjoy sewing and playing on my computer. I started by doing a few applique shirts for my own use and ended up making many more for friends and as gifts.

Detail of a throw that I made for the raffle at the National one year Close-up of a custom jacket

Having girls with no tails prompted me to create my own style of corgi panties. Belly Bands soon followed and I had a house full of well dressed corgis! 2010 introduces a new size of girl panties for Schipperkes! 2011 adds "fancy cover-ups" or Bloomers to the line.

Flora models a Corgi-Coverup Deja models Rose Garden Bloomers

One of my favorite traditions are my Christmas cards. I enjoy creating my cards each year and sending them to friends. My Victorian Christmas cards were the result of making my own cards one year. 2010 sees the addition of more than just Christmas Cards. Birthday cards and all occasion cards are slowly being introduced. Don't miss my "Card & Cake Combos"! Watch for cards that will allow me to insert a picture of your dog!

Blossom reclines on Santa's lap My first Victorian card design Card & Cake Combo - Birthday Card with Balloons Kick Up Your Heels Birthday Card

Come and browse my store! Let me know if you have any questions.